New Features in Angular 15

Wasim Shaikh

Jan 01, 1970

Angular 15 is the latest version of the Angular framework, released in November 2021. It brings a number of new features and improvements to the platform, including:

  1. Improved TypeScript compatibility: Angular 15 now has better compatibility with TypeScript 4.3, including support for top-level await and the ability to target ES2020.
  2. New router events: Angular 15 introduces a new set of router events that can be used to track the status of the router, such as when it is idle or when a navigation request is in progress.
  3. Improved performance: Angular 15 includes a number of performance improvements, including faster component initialization and improved change detection.
  4. Enhanced testing capabilities: Angular 15 introduces a new testing utility called inject that allows developers to more easily test injectable services.
  5. Improved the Angular compiler: Angular 15 includes improvements to the Angular compiler, including the ability to generate smaller bundles and faster builds.
  6. Better integration with the Ivy renderer: Angular 15 includes improved integration with the Ivy renderer, which is the default rendering engine in Angular. This includes support for the $localize function, which allows developers to easily internationalize their applications.